Register your event

When you register your event with us, you will receive a free printable Resource Pack, including helpful checklists, handouts for parents and tips for training volunteers – everything you need to make your pop-up adventure playground a success!

Is your event free and open to all? Pop-up adventure playgrounds should always be free of charge and ideally, for everyone. Public access may be an issue, for example, if the event is held for the parents and students of a school.

Kindly confirm that you accept all responsibility for delivery issues such as: risk assessing your site and materials, training your staff/volunteers, and settling any questions such as photographic consent appropriately. There are information sheets to help you with this in the resource pack.

Please confirm that you will keep this Resource Pack to yourself, and send any other potential organizers to us directly. This is because we want to make sure that every pop-up adventure playground is delivered according to our basic principles, and so that we can help connect new playful communities as they appear.

Verify your commitment to using ourr logo and the phrase "in collaboration with Pop-Up Adventure Play" in your promotional materials, both in print and online. We can send you different versions of the logo, and help promote your event through our social media networks.

Are you interested in writing about the experience for our blog? We love making photographs and stories from independent events public. There is no obligation for you to do this, though previous organizers have found the experience very encouraging!

Interested in learning more about our online training courses and coaching offers? We are dedicated to keeping our programs accessible, and work hard to make sure that cost is never a barrier to participation.

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