By Zan

We are very pleased and excited to be hanging out very briefly with our friend and PDC student Yulia in Evanston. It’s going to be a short stop where Pop-Ups Morgan and I will be presenting an interactive talk entitled “Let The Children Play: workshop on the amazing benefits of play”. We happened to be in the area for a keynote in Springfield, IL so this was an wonderful opportunity to get together.

With thanks to Pop-Ups friends Buffalo Pop-Up Play for the original design of this poster, and to Yulia’s friend Vladimir Kleiman for this lovely version.
If you are in the Evanston area and would like to join our workshop there, please check out this facebook event. We welcome anyone who has an interest in play and are pleased also to let you know that there will be childcare available.
It’s so great to be meeting more of our Playworker Development Course students and also to take the opportunity to meet more folks around the world who are passionate about play. Before that though, we will focus on the Campference! More from us soon!
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