By Morgan

Times like these, it’s tempting to focus occasionally on fun times years ago, or future plans far enough away to get excited about now. Claude Stephens, and the good people of Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, have been helping us do both this week. With enormous pleasure, we are happy to announce that Playwork Campference 2021 will be held on their beautiful site in Claremont, Kentucky!

Official Playwork Campference 2021 news is out now

Claude first got in touch with us during our 2014 tour, when we shared a cold but determined pop-up.  We have been in touch ever since, visiting whenever possible. Their space is incredible, 16,137 acres of forest, gardens and play areas, complete with LEED platinum certified buildings and edible cafe. As lovely as it is, they also do outreach work and provide support and playful engagements in communities across the nearby city of Louisville.

They are in the early stages of a new adventure playground, and are welcoming the international community of playworkers to celebrate!

Every Playwork Campference is a unique chance to visit a remarkable site, meet with like-minded play advocates from around the world, and dive deep into the constantly developing theory and practice of playwork. The location changes, but the depth of knowledge and passion (and the reliance on wheelbarrows full of baked potatoes) never does.

We’re going to be releasing information as we go, but here’s the most important place to start.

SAVE THE DATE: Playwork Campference 2021, 24th-27th September 2021

Official Playwork Campference 2021 release