By Morgan

On my first playwork assignment, I was lucky to join an existing team that worked together well. We’d make eye contact frequently during the session, and pull one another aside during slow moments to observe together and swap little funny anecdotes. We’d check in on one another, asking with an eyebrow for assistance with rough and tumble or coverage for a bathroom run. Playworkers in all settings are told not to work solo – but what does that mean for international advocates?

We don’t want anyone to feel alone in this work. Both Suzanna and I have been staff in isolation before and we know that it is hard for us to advocate for play properly when feeling alone and unsupported.  A big part of our work is helping people to connect online but sometimes, especially when visiting on tour, we get to hear about it face-to-face.

One classroom assistant working in a school of play-skeptics, told us that “when I’m having a rough day, I’ll stand in the broom closet and scroll through your Facebook feed, just not to feel so alone”. We’re always trying to build upon existing relationships as well, to knit people together.

That’s why we’re so excited this year, to be doing something new and rather amazing.

This February 16-19th, we’ll be welcoming playworkers and advocates from around the world to celebrate the birth of a new adventure playground.

People can stay in either tents or nearby houses, but we’re still calling it a Campference. Register here and, who knows, you might be only 5 months away from an arm full of playworker friendship bracelets!

Wanna come and hang out?

Wanna come and hang out?

More information on the Campference can be found here, and the Facebook event can be found here. To read more about our day to day thoughts on play, come check out our Facebook page. If you’d like to find out more about, just check out