By Zan

I have been busy celebrating Playday UK, which is held on the first Thursday of August every year. Playday is a fantastic opportunity for folks all over the UK to do big, public events to raise the profile of play. And this year, I have been able to get involved too!

Yesterday, I popped up at Wyke Children’s Centre and enjoyed playing with a group of under 5s as they transformed a massive box into a house, then another box into an office and a house-that-the-adults-made became an ice cream shop which then turned into a shed. It was a fantastic afternoon of play – some lovely photos are available here.

I have always been a firm believer in celebrating play, every day, so it doesn’t really matter which day we play, as long as we do! So I am excited to say that I will also be having a belated Playday celebration on 13th August. We will be collaborating with Children’s Scrapstore Salford to host a Super Super Saturday, where the folks at the scrap store will do crafts, and Team Pop-Ups will be hosting a pop-up adventure playground! Everyone is welcome, but children must be accompanied by adults.

More info can be found on their Facebook event here, but the main details are below. See you there!

Super Saturday Crafts - happy playday!
Happy Playday everyone! We hope that you will be able to find time to celebrate the awesomeness of play too!
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