By Zan

I’m writing today to update you on the Pop-Up Adventure Play and Special Guests Tour 2014, and also to tell you about our Indiegogo campaign. I’m going to make use of some driving puns to help me along the way too. I might spin my wheels a little, so I apologise in advance.

So let’s get us up to speed – Pop-Up Adventure Play is going on an amazing road-trip to take Pop-Up Adventure Playgrounds and workshops across the USA. We hope to get community members to change lanes around child-directed play. The tour will also feature some amazing Special Guests who will be taking the driving seat for specialist subjects too: more on that at a later date.

Since first flashing the headlights on the tour in October, so many things have happened. We went from having a few expressions of interest, to now confirming our 12th location! We have had such a positive response to our adventure that everyone wants to come along for the ride. I am beaming as I applaud the wonderful people who have put time and effort into hosting us. I cannot wait to meet the hosts so that I can thank them in person for helping us with our journey. The list of locations can be found right here on the blog, and will constantly be updated as new information about events come through.

With all this talk about roadtripping, we’ve not yet mentioned our vehicle. We have taken it up a gear and have launched an Indiegogo campaign which will help us fund the vehicle that we will be driving on our big adventure. As I write, the contributions have made it to just over $2400, which is absolutely amazing! We have been quite overwhelmed by the amount of people have shown support to our little organisation and are super super thankful. On behalf of Pop-Up Adventure Play, I’d like to thank the amazing donors who have given our campaign a jump start. You are helping the campaign cruise along, and making us realise every day how many wonderfully generous people are out there.

And now for a little appeal from me to you. Ladies and gentlemen, we still have quite a long way to go before realising out modest target of $7000 and the project is in danger of stalling. Please, if you can, donate towards our big adventure; our organisation. A little bit goes a long way, and will help us to literally keep us fuelled for the journey. The great news about your donation is that every dollar that you donate towards the campaign from now until it finishes on Sunday will be doubled. The great people at KaBOOM! has given us go faster stripes, and have pledged to match dollar for dollar until the end of the campaign. How amazing is that!

Keep us on the road and pave the way towards our success by donating a few dollars our way so that we can give more children across the USA the opportunity for child-directed play.

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