It’s been over a decade of Pop-Up Adventure Play and we are thankful to be reflecting on another year of play advocacy.

Pop-Up Adventure Play has continued to work on connecting playful folk around the world. During this year, Morgan and I have been mostly doing this online. That involved continuously updating all our socials (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), emailing people whenever possible and having many Zoom conversations. Perhaps the most epic of our online adventures was our Playwork Virtual Campference in October. We were so surprised to have 170+ folks from 20 different countries came together to talk about playwork in 6 languages. I’m still not sure how that happened but I am incredibly grateful that it did. We can’t thank the Children at Play Network enough for their partnership in this process.

Keep on Playing

A lot of other things happened this year and there’s plenty of time to tell you those stories. For now I just want to focus on say thanks. Thank you for following our work and for trusting us to support you. Also, for connecting with us, for sharing your stories and reflections with us as well as for listening to our stories too.

Additionally, I want to encourage you all to keep on going, keep on moving forward with play advocacy. This stuff was hard, even before the complexities of a pandemic. You are doing wonderful work out there. We are so very pleased to be connected with you.

Morgan and I have decided to end the working year early. We’re gonna be spending that extra time playing. Our hope is that will find some time to do that too. We wish you all the best for the festive season and look forward to seeing you all in the new year for another year of play advocacy.

By Pop-Ups Zan