By Zan

We have talked a lot about our focus for our Playwork Campference, about the focus on practice, and the emphasis on you. We haven’t yet told you much about where we will be doing this, and the delightful hosts of our event. Ladies and gentlemen, Pop-Up Adventure Play would like to formally introduce the wonderful folks of Santa Clarita Valley Adventure Play.

Jeremiah and Erica are the lovely people of SCV Adventure Play that we are working with to organise the first-ever Playwork Campference. We met them in 2014 when we travelled across the USA in our little yellow car and they have been doing pop-up adventure playgrounds ever since. Not only are they offering their limited time and amazing design, but they also provide us with untiring support and on-the-ground logistics wrangling. They are also proud owners of the site which we will be using for our camping and ‘ferencing!

Play advocates, we will be visiting Eureka Villa, a fledgeling adventure play space in Santa Clarita, California. It is a beautiful space, filled with trees, natural loose parts and the wonderful potential for play. This is a space that we absolutely adore and is being nurtured lovingly by two amazing people who genuinely care about play, and adventurously embrace the playfulness that is the foundation of adventure play.

We can tell you all day long about this amazing couple and their amazing space, but what could be better than seeing it for yourself? We would like to invite you to our Playwork Campference in February 2017 so that you can meet Erica and Jeremiah, and experience the space for yourself.

We look forward to welcoming you there.

To find out more about Santa Clarita Adventure Play, visit their facebook page. To find out more about us, visit our Facebook page or check out our website