Happy New Year! We all have our favourite holidays, and this one is mine – well, tied with my birthday, of course!

It’s a little cheesy to say that this is a time of reflection, a chance to consider the year ending and make renewed commitments to the one opening before you. Luckily, I love cheese! Cheddar, brie, and sentimentality sprinkled all over my sparkling new 2016 calendar.

In 2015, Suzanna and I were lucky to spend a considerable chunk of time in each others company, from September to December living, eating, wandering, dreaming and scheming side by side. It was an astonishing year and one we’re very proud of.  It was also the launching point for all sorts of plans which we’ll unfold here before you, like a bolt of bright cloth, in the weeks and months to come.

Suzanna and I are both spending a little more time in 2016 focusing on our PhD work. We’re working separately but both under the supervision of Prof. Fraser Brown. I’ll be in Texas, doing fieldwork at the Parish School, and occasionally blogging about that experience and Suzanna will be settled in the UK, blogging about her playful life here. We’re taking a year off from major tour plans – but that doesn’t mean we’re slowing down! All our plans are focused on increasing the ways we can build support and encourage play advocates, and strengthen community links all around the world.

Our first announcement is a more official relationship with Pop-Ups friend Erin Davis, director of ‘The Land!’ We’ve partnered with her before to deliver film + workshop events in the US, and participated in Q&A panels after screenings in Philadelphia and Ithaca. Now, we’re going to be taking the film to select locations in the UK, and providing printed material within the DVD packs. We couldn’t be more excited about this, and want to encourage anyone who is interested in screening The Land with additional training or conversation support to get in touch with us or Erin directly.

Happy New Pop-Up Year!

We’re also going to be expanding our training offer, but oh! On that one my lips are sealed for a little bit longer.

Wherever you are, whether you’re reading this in the middle of winter or in summer’s heat, know that your friends as Pop-Ups wish you a bright, healthy, happy and yes, playful 2016! Tell us how you’ve been celebrating, and share your stories with us here.

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By Morgan