We are very pleased to announce our keynote speakers for the Playwork Virtual Campference 2022. Below you will find introductions and bios from Aby, Zeynep and Sara – some lovely folks whom we have personally met and worked with! We can’t wait for you to all meet them on 15th October – register here to make sure you do!

Aby Chau

Location: Hong Kong
Name of organisation: Playright Children’s Play Association
Bio in Chinese: Aby在過去25年一直相信遊戲能豐富小朋友的童年,亦是她工作的使命。她曾在星加坡任職醫院遊戲師,現任香港智樂兒童遊樂協會的服務總監。主要工作為不同的服務作策略規劃,包括遊戲在社區及校園等。同時,亦發展不同的室內及戶外的自由遊戲空間,近年更致力推動政府支持冒險遊樂場的發展。
Bio translated into English: Aby has a passion for children and play.  She strives to enrich children’s lives through play for the past 25 years.  Having been working in Singapore as a Hospital Play Specialist, she is currently the Service Director of the Playwright Children’s Play Association in Hong Kong, overseeing the strategic development of play service in various settings – Play in Community, Play in School as well as leading the development of indoor and outdoor play, including advocate government support the development of an adventure playground in Hong Kong.

Aby Chau, Hong Kong


Location: Turkey
Organisation name: İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi Sosyal Hizmetler Daire Başkanlığı
Bio in Turkish: Ben Zeynep Eda, Sosyologum ve iki çocuk annesiyim. Kütahya/Dumlupınar Üniversitesi Fen-Edebiyat Fakültesi Sosyoloji bölümü mezunuyum. On yıla yakın bir süredir İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi, Sosyal Hizmetler Daire Başkanlığı’n da sosyo-ekonomik açıdan dezavantajlı çocuklar ve aileleriyle çalışıyorum. Hayalgücü Oyun Parkı HOP projesiyle son iki yıldır parklarda, bahçelerde hatta kamusal binaların otoparklarında Seyyar Oyun Parkları hazırlayıp çocuklarla birlikte oynuyorum
Bio translated into English: I am Zeynep Eda, a sociologist and mother of two children. Having graduated from Kütahya/Dumlupınar University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Sociology, I have been working with socio-economically disadvantaged children and their families at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Social Services for nearly ten years. For the last two years, with the HOP [Hayalgücü Oyun Parkı – Imagination Playground] project, I have been preparing Pop-up Playgrounds in parks, gardens and even in the parking lots of public buildings and playing with children.

Zeynep Eda GÜLTEKİN, Turkey

Sara Mejía Parrado

Location: Costa Rica
Organisation name: Bellelli Educación
Bio in Spanish: Nací en Colombia y vivo en Costa Rica desde hace 20 años. Estudié Administración de Empresas y también Enseñanza del Inglés con Énfasis en Preescolar. He trabajado con Primera Infancia desde hace más de 10 años. Me he especializado en las edades de los 3 años en adelante. He participado en capacitaciones en Italia, Reggio Emilia, Alemania en escuelas democráticas y Estados Unidos con la organización de Adventure Pop-Up Playgrounds.
Bio translated into English: I was born in Colombia and moved to Costa Rica over 20 years ago. Having studied Business Administration and Preschool, I have worked in Early Childhood for over 10 years. I have specialised in ages 3 and up. I have participated in trainings in Italy, Reggio Emilia, Germany in democratic schools and the United States with Pop-Up Adventure Play.

Sara Mejía Parrado, Costa Rica

The Virtual Playwork Campference 2022 will be held on 15th October @12pm-4pm EST. Cost: $10-$50. Financial Assistance available. Registration form here. Any questions and problems, please email suzanna@popupadventureplay.org.

By Suzanna Law