By Zan

Our mission has always been to give opportunities for child-directed play within a community of supportive adults. In a practical sense, it means that we provide support and training for parents, professionals and community members around the world, whenever they approach us. Having spent a few years pursuing this mission, we have found that there are still many communities who need a little helping hand. They might have trouble overcoming the thoughts on risk, or haven’t been able to gain community support, or simply need a little confidence boost to embed play as part of their community. So we came up with a great idea: let’s take PopUp Adventure Play on tour! Just as a playworker makes themselves available for children to play, we would like to make ourselves available to communities across America. We would like you to invite us to come to your neighbourhood, and help you to build a community around play.

Our tour will start on the East coast and zip very quickly across to the West. After that, we hope to meander our way back home with the total length of our trip lasting about 8 weeks starting 19th February 2014. At each location, we hope to provide a Pop-Up Adventure Playground – a free-to-attend event where the entire community, old and young, can play together using loose parts. To cover the costs of that event, we’d love to then run a workshop or seminar about play in a topic of your choice.

If you think that your community would benefit from a visit from Pop-Up Adventure Play, then get in touch! I’m going to be taking lead on the project and will be happy to provide more information or answer any questions you may have about the adventure. Just shoot me an email on and we get get the conversation going!

Our Very Own Pop-Ups Tour
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UPDATE: New tour information can now be found here.