For this Giving Tuesday initiative Pop-Up Adventure Play aimed to raise funds for their Playworker Travelling Fund, supporting playwork travel to different communities. This was an opportunity to gather funds that would help playworkers travel to different communities. Additionally, to share their wisdom with other playful folks.

The goal was to raise £500 (roughly $640 USD). This would cover the return expenses of one playworker, travelling to the country they work in the most: the USA. This was the same amount of money that each of the team Pop-Ups was allowed to spend on their travel every time they went out on an excursion. They knew it was a number that worked. As such, they hoped it was a number they could raise to help a fellow playworker.

If they raised £500 on Giving Tuesday, Pop-Ups Morgan and Zan each promised to dress up for an entire day as a robot.

To thank supporters for their contributions, Pop-Up Adventure Play would create their own robot outfits and wear them throughout a full day of activities. During this time, Pop-Up Zan welcomed suggestions for her robot costume and tasks to complete while dressed as a robot.

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Robot Day Disclaimer and Details

As a small disclaimer, each member of the team could choose which date their Robot Day would be. Each person would take sole responsibility for their outfit but could enlist assistance from others as needed, particularly during construction or assembly. The outfits were typically crafted from cardboard and other loose materials, aligning perfectly with the ethos of the organisation. Each Robot Day lasted a minimum of 8 hours. During this time, photos were taken of each participant engaging in various activities to prove they dressed up as robots for the entire day. Additionally, Pop-Up Zan offered to create short videos of her day in exchange for additional donations.

They were thrilled about the opportunity to raise funds for their fellow play friends. Over the past 10 years, funding their adventures had been challenging. Consequently, they understood firsthand the difficulty of expanding their own play knowledge and supporting others without sufficient financial resources. They hoped that their dedicated following of Pop-Up Supporters could assist in raising funds to spread the practical and theoretical knowledge of playwork worldwide, starting with just one plane ticket.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Pop-Up Adventure Play community:

27th November 2018 had passed. They were grateful for the support they received. Those who donated had helped them to support people like them. Please consider donating to our cause. Support playwork travel and help spread playwork knowledge globally. Every contribution counts towards advancing playwork travel opportunities.

Please help us to help people like you. #LetsSupportPlay #GivingTuesday

Here’s the PayPal link for donations to support people like them. If you donate 10 GBP or more, Paypal will match fund your donation! Hoorah! If you have any questions, please feel free to email Suzanna on or contact us by Facebook, Twitter or through our website.

By Zan