By Morgan

Greetings from London!

I’m feeling tres international fabulous today, having rolled into London from Belgium. We’re working with C.I.S. on a Youth in Action EU-funded project called Play(ce) To Be. It’s intended to bring together people in the overlapping fields of games, play, children and youth work from across Europe to share ideas and best practice. Participants are coming from Belgium-Flanders as well as Montenegro, Estonia, Malta, Macedonia – and yes, the UK!

It’s a tremendous week, with participants representing the full spectrum from educational games to free play. The project funds 70% of travel costs, as well as all accommodation and food. There are a couple of spaces free for UK residents, so if you’re available from 24th November – 1st December, email me!

Tomorrow, I’m off to the Adventure Playground of the Year Awards, and visiting as many friends and colleagues in London while I’m here.

The London Adventure Playground Awards 2012
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