By Morgan

This pandemic play note goes out to Anthony from Vivo, who asked “but how do I clean this tub full of pool noodle chunks?” He asked it worried, laughing, earnest. It felt like a quintessential playworker question – knowing the value of what looks like trash, needing to offer it responsibly.

CoViD-19 is a reality for all of us, and as the situation changes around the world, that reality is beginning to shift once again. We’ve had a lot of people asking us what we think play will look like going forwards, how to adjust our approaches, ideas that remind us of that what is new can also feel bright and possible and fun.

Overcoming Wear and Tear

Folks are tired, and getting tired of processing statistics from articles, what they’ve seen on TV, what their neighbours are doing, and constantly changing guidelines. Unfortunately, that’s here to stay. But we’ve done our best to gather good information from trustworthy people, and apply it to our old friend the ‘pop-up adventure playground’.

Fellow pandemic play advocates:

We’d like to offer you our thoughts, tips and interesting facts in the shape of this letter, here. Please read, share, and always think about our little motto – start small, start now, keep going.

Please also continue to do your own research. Experiment and reflect. Tell us what you find out! This is a living document, and we’ll update it when we can with the best of what we know.

Some notes for pandemic play advocates