By Morgan

What will you be doing, on the 17th of May?

In case you haven’t heard, that’s the official National Children’s Day in the UK. Their theme this year is “the Science and Magic of Play” and we are proud sponsors of it. So, the UK has a long tradition of playwork and of celebrating National Play Day (6th August, mark your calendars now) but this is a little different.

The UN established National Children’s Day in 1954 but the UK didn’t start celebrating it until 2013. At a point when many groups have suffered under the turning tides of funding and battened their hatches, this new celebration is a great way to keep a focus on play, and advocacy.

Brains Play - National Children's Day

It’s fitting that we’re connecting to the world play scene in this small way, because in February and March we’ll be heading off again – this time, to Australia! After the success of our last roadtrip, Malarkey have invited us to start a new adventure with them in Melbourne with new hosts added to our journey every day. You can find more information on them here, and stay posted as the tour develops!

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