By Julia Kroeker

Julia is one of our independent organisers who got in touch with us in October 2016 wanting to organise her own Pop-Up Adventure Playground. We sent her our free information pack for hosting her own event and 2 months later, we were able to enjoy her excitement and photos! We’re really glad that you enjoyed your first Pop-Up, Julia!

We had a wonderful event at Florida South Western State College!  The children were all very engaged and the weather was beautiful here in SW Florida!

I was tired after the event, but also happy that it went well and that the children had fun and were able to play however they wanted.  I don’t think we had any conflicts.  We had nursing students on site with a first aid station, but we had no injuries so the nursing students got to play, too!

The children were full of joy and discovery!  The boy with the pool noodle was pretending that his mother was the big fish he had just caught!  The boy with the cardboard tube on his arm said it was a robot arm.  The girl laying in the box had made a bed out of the cardboard and bubble wrap.  There were so many wonderful moments! Children were building sand castles with the sand and water. Several children were using coffee cans as drums at once.  We will definitely do it again!  We plan to make it an annual event at FSW.

To host your own Pop-Up Adventure Playground, register here to get your free information pack. To find out about other independent organisers, check out this page of awesome guest blog posts. For more on the day to day thoughts of Team Pop-Up Adventure Play, check out our facebook and twitter.