By Sara Pillen

Sara signed up as an independent organizer in April, and hosted her first pop-up adventure playground as part of an event called Diggiefest.  She shares some information and images from that event here.

On 25 and 26 august 2017, in Belgium, a tiny country in Europe, the unique project Diggie organised its annual festival.

Diggie is an organisation that brings together people by working and playing together on the farm. We organise holidays for children in the summers, schools come visiting and we have a lot of volunteers who come work with us.

Every year we organise a big festival to celebrate the anniversary of our project with the aid of 100 volunteers. On the program two bands, a delicious BBQ, three summer movies… And of course a children’s village, inspired by pop-up adventure playground, where children could build forts, dress up as princes, farmers, knights… but also bake salt dough cookies, cuddle with the goats, build sandcastles or transform into a real circus artist.

The kids had so much fun that you could see some parents joining in. We’ll already looking forward to more adventure play next year. More information about Diggie can be found at or

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