We explore the vibrant world of pop-up adventure playgrounds, illuminating how communities come alive through play. This adventure embodies the heart of our play-based approach and how we employ our resources within local communities.

Stepping into a familiar community hall, I prepared for a day of play, knowing that careful planning and an intentional approach were key. A visual risk assessment was part of the routine, essential for any playworker to ensure a safe play environment.

With a carefully curated selection of loose parts in tow, ranging from cardboard tubes to a donated rotary phone, our Co-operative Local Community Fund-sponsored event began. Volunteers, including friends from various parts of my life, joined me in this community adventure.

As children eagerly approached, I warmly invited them to explore and create with the loose parts. The initial excitement filled the air, and soon, the space transformed into a hub of creativity and joyful play. Parents, initially unsure, found comfort in watching their children immerse themselves in this world of possibilities.

Unveiling the magic: How play frames intertwine and creativity blossoms

The event unfolded with delightful surprises — a young girl packed her ‘holiday’ bag, exploring dens and interacting with older children. Play frames intertwined seamlessly, showcasing the beauty of unfettered creativity.

In subsequent pop-ups, we witnessed an even greater turnout, with more children and a touch of rough-and-tumble play. Among the challenges were managing exuberant play and handling unexpected fire alarm disruptions, which tested our adaptability.

The session came to a gentle close as the tiniest players grew sleepy, leaving us with a sense of fulfilment. The community’s warm response and their eagerness for more affirmed the success of this adventure.

Each pop-up brings us closer to our communities, bridging diverse aspects of our lives through the simple act of play. Stay tuned for more tales of community-driven play in our upcoming blogs.

Through these pop-up adventure playgrounds, we celebrate the transformative power of playwork, uniting communities and nurturing creativity among both young and young at heart.

Community Play Frames & Creativity   Popping Up in the community Popping Up - pop up playPopping Up in the Community 2018

Popping Up

Popping Up in the Community 2018Popping Up in the Community 2018





Popping Up in the Community 2018 Popping Up in the Community 2018 Popping Up in the Community 2018 Popping Up in the Community 2018


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