By Zan

We at Pop-Up Adventure Play are getting excited! It looks like 2013 is going to be another awesome year for us, and here are a few hints about what you’re going to see us doing.

Already, are planning on going to a school in the UK to do a mini Pop-Up which will help to promote community cohesion. We’re involved with a huge museum in the US doing a 10-day play event too. Speaking of museums, we’re working with one in London to do some awesome play-related secret secret things. More information to be revealed soon!

As our Global Network expands, we are looking for more funding to keep us alive and kicking. Hearing our plea for help, high street store in Manchester has responded and are planning a huge fundraiser in aid of Pop-Up Adventure Play. Some interesting buzz words for this event include cosplay, auction and cake. It’s going to be wonderful.

Also, have we mentioned we’re taking people on tour? Oh yes – playworkers touring the US courtesy of Pop-Up Adventure Play. It’s a great partnership.

So, our ever supportive, and ever-expanding network of friends, we hope you will follow us on our journey through 2013. There will be many exciting adventures to come!

Popping Up Soon

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