Santa Clarita Valley Adventure Play (SCVAP Adventure Play) dreamed of creating a space that allowed and encouraged vibrant, exciting, self-directed play opportunities for the children of Los Angeles, both then and as a future legacy. They dreamed of bringing their community together with play and also taking that play out to other communities. A dream that aligned with the one we had at Pop-Up Adventure Play.

Pop Up Adventure Play logoWe asked for your help to make this dream happen for SCVAP. They were in the running for $100,000 USD and needed as many votes as possible. At the time of writing this blog post, a school amphitheater/auditorium upgrade was in the top spot with the most votes. While they were probably awesome people, we would much rather have had a child-directed play at the helm of this intense race to the finish.

Adventure playgrounds are the heart of what we do. When Pop-Up Adventure Play first started in 2010, there was only one permanent adventure playground with playwork-trained staff in the whole of the USA. By supporting SCVAP back then, you helped to open the 4th. It was a beautiful and playful site that we backed 100% – we hoped that you could support it too.