By Morgan

Have you seen the Caine’s Arcade video? Since April of this year it’s been viewed over seven million times, and accumulated nearly $250,000 in donations for a scholarship fund for Caine.

What makes this story so popular is the story at its heart, of one boy’s extraordinary creativity and passion.  From his base in the back of his father’s autoshop Caine works alone, building an arcade from cardboard boxes and hoping for customers. One day that a filmmaker comes along and, inspired by what Caine’s Arcade, uses the internet to gather the community that Caine has been dreaming of.  

Imagine what would be possible, if every child had the freedom to envision, create and share that Caine has! What if everyone had someone listen to their stories and try out their constructions, if every child had an audience of people eager to join in play?

Now, the good people at the Caine’s Arcade Imagination Foundation are helping to spread the word about play through their Global Cardboard Challenge, this October 6th. There’s a map of all of the happenings and you can register your own event online. We couldn’t be more excited, because this fits so well with Pop-Up Adventure Play‘s own beliefs and approach to supporting children’s play.

That’s why we’re using this date to expand our Global Network, and supporting independent organizers in Costa Rica, Colombia and Egypt to deliver Pop-Up Adventure Playgrounds to join in this international celebration of play. Each of these organizers are passionate, dedicated teachers seeking to welcome families into their schools, and to reach out to builder stronger networks with their communities. Carolina, of Bellelli Educacion in Costa Rica, has been one of our biggest fans from the very beginning, and I was lucky enough to meet her during her recent visit to Boston. The others are new arrivals, and very welcome additions to the international Pop-Up Adventure Play family!

Carolina and myself in Boston – the beginnings of a Pop-Up Adventure Play Global Network.

And here’s Bellelli Educacion‘s poster for their Cardboard Challenge day! Do you see our logo at the bottom there?

To see the photos from the Global Cardboard Challenge and to find out more information about our work, keep an eye on our Facebook and our website! To read more about Morgan’s adventures in play, please visit her awesome blog