By Zan

To kick start our World Tour, we invited our Board of Directors to meet us in Manchester where we officially had our first stop! It was pretty low key, but it was great to tell our board members about our progress over the past year. Moreover, to hear the support that they have for us as we continue our work for children’s play all over the world.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce our board:

The World Tour Begins!
From left to right:
Ricky Tsang (Director), Andy Hinchcliffe (Director), Suzanna Law (me, Employee), Michelle Jones (Director) and Morgan Leichter-Saxby (Employee)

Reporting on existing projects

We also had a great day reporting on existing projects and talking about future plans. It is wonderful to work with people who have our best interests at heart and genuinely look out for us. I felt a little emotional and pleased to have such good people around me. I’m pretty sure Morgan felt the same way.

We also invited one of our Playworker Development Course tutors to join us too! We would have asked everyone but only one lives within a reasonable driving distance away for food! 🙂

The World Tour Begins!
Here we are with David Stonehouse (Tutor) all looking cool and pretending to be rockstars. Haha.
A good portion of our day was dedicated to play too. We managed to wrangle an awesome location for our board meeting. When I say awesome, I mean private land with Easter Island statue, fishing pond, pizza oven and a zip line. Yes, that’s how we roll!
I’m excited now as we start the World Tour and look forward to seeing our wonderful board again this time next year – we’ll have lots of adventures to talk about!
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