I’d like to share a few lovely videos that we’ve made from Pop-Up Adventure Play moments. These moments capture the essence of what we do, in many different ways.

1) An Introduction to Many Moments

This is a video that introduces Pop-Up Adventure Play to the world! Narrated by our lovely Morgan, we tell everyone what it means to play and how you, an adult, can help to be part of wonderful, everyday adventure play opportunities!

2. A Moment from the Pop-Up Play Shop

Although the Pop-Up Play Shop has now closed, the excitement from this awesome pilot lives on. Here is a great moment of playworker and children interaction.

3. Moments from a Play Day

Here is a wonderful video put together by our friends at Two Kazoos who came to video one of our Pop-Up Adventure Playgrounds. It’s a wonderful, insightful video with lots of loose parts and lots of child-led free play!

We just thought we should share all of these lovely moments with you. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did, and we hope that it inspires you to play! 🙂

by Suzanna