Santa Clarita Valley Adventure Play dream of creating a space to allow and encourages vibrant, exciting, self-directed play opportunities for the children of Los Angeles, both now and as a future legacy. They dream of bringing their community together with play, and also taking that play out to other communities too. A dream that is in line with the one we have at Pop-Up Adventure Play.

We’re asking you to help make this dream happen for SCVAP. They are in the running for $100,000 USD and need as many votes as possible. As we type this blogpost, a school amphitheatre/auditorium upgrade is in the top spot with the most votes. While they are probably awesome people, we would much rather have a child-directed play be at the helm of this intense race to the finish.

Voting is simple! Just check out and click vote! 

Adventure playgrounds are the heart of what we do. When Pop-Up Adventure Play first started in 2010, there was only one permanent adventure playground with playwork-trained staff in the whole of the USA. By supporting SCVAP today, you will help to open the 4th. This is going to be a beautiful and playful site which we are backing 100% – we hope that you can support it too.