By Morgan

As you know, we’re super excited about the Playworker Development Course, which we’ve been running for 2 years now, with 82 students from 12 countries. In March, we were shortlisted for the Playwork Training Provider Award at the UK National Playwork Conference. All this success and we’re still growing!

“My tutor is empathetic, comprehensive, flexible, non judgmental, she helps me reflect on specific situations and offers extra resources according to my needs. [My tutor] always seems to know how to support me.” (Erika, a student from Costa Rica)

We are very proud today to be announcing two new tutors into the PDC family – Michelle Jones and Ali Wood.

Michelle got into playwork after her first son was born, earning her degree in 2005 and then working at Play Wales, where she helped develop national play policy and infrastructure. Play Wales set the gold standard for play provision, and Michelle contributed to their national qualification standards. She also helped plan the 50th Anniversary International Play Association Conference, and closely supported the Pop-Up Play Shop project in Cardiff. Now she is a member of our Board, and manages a small voluntary organization called The Parent Network. She is passionate about children’s right to play, and a warm and empathetic mentor.

Ali received her MA in Community Education (with distinction) from Birmingham University, and is the co-author of Reflective Playwork: For All Who Work With Children, out soon in its second edition. She wrote the occupational standards and training materials for Play Wales and other UK training providers, is a qualified assessor and verifier, an experienced foster carer and the 2013 recipient of Best Training Provider at the Playwork National Conference. Ali has another book coming out soon entitled Sex, Gender and Play, and is dedicated to helping more adults find their own ways to support discovery, magic and fun.

These are two extraordinary women who will bring new expertise and guidance to the PDC student community. They’ll be taking students as of the 8th June, when Cohort 8? Begins!

Curious who the other amazing tutors are? We admit to extremely high standards, and are always looking for individuals who combine experience, training, as well as both academic know-how and frontline practice. We want tutors who really listen to their students, who are ready to learn about the possibilities and barriers of the student’s own communities so that they can support that learner in developing a unique playwork style. Our staff are more than tutors, they’re mentors and we are proud to call them our friends.

“This course has changed my life, my son’s life and my family’s lives. I am now able to see childhood from another perspective. I’ve been able to recognize the importance of play in children for it’s own sake and for the additional values it will bring to them as adults.” (Mariana, student from Costa Rica)

Welcome to the New Tutors in our PDC

Interested in finding out more? Aside from June, we will also have cohorts beginning in August and October. Visit our PDC webpage, and then email us to register – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!