By Zan

This is a quick note from all of us at Pop-Up Adventure Play, wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Many folks may only just be getting back to work now. But we have already running full steam for the last few days! Next week, Morgan and I will be heading to Turkey to hang out with play advocates. Advocates who are hoping to set up play spaces in their part of the world. We’ve also been told that January is the month that Morgan should be starting time with Bloomsburg University teaching the first-ever playwork certificate in the USA – you’ll find out as we do!

In February, Morgan and I will be heading out to the USA, to meet with some wonderful folk. Play in the USA is taking off, and we’re always keen to be part of all that playful action.

Moreover, there are loads of other things happening this year too! For instance, cohorts of the Playworker Development Course planned (the first public one to begin on 24th February) and we will be working with Canadian group Vivo on some really fun things this year. We’re also working with Ana Rita and her team in Portugal who are doing some fantastic play stuff in local schools. Oh, and if you’re available, you should definitely join us at the 2nd ever Prioritizing Play Conference in Champaign-Urbana, IL. We’re planning it with KOOP Adventure Play and it’s going to be a wonderful opportunity to talk about all things relating to play.

Playwork 2020 Outlook

Throughout the year, we’ll also be meeting with some wonderful (mystery) folks to plan the next Playwork Campference! With the joy of last year’s Campference still buzzing gently in the ether, we know that this is an eagerly anticipated event, so let’s throw you a confetto of excitement: the next Playwork Campference be happening in 2021. Keep an eye on our social media for more announcements throughout the year! 

While all of this is happening, Morgan and I will be trying to finish our PhDs. Yes, we are still working hard on them. And yes we are determined to maintain a high quality of support and mentorship for our play advocates around the world while we complete our studies. Once we are done, it’ll hopefully free up more time to play in 2021, and we can’t wait.

It’s already a busy 2020, but we are excited – it’s going to be a great year!