It’s been a great year at Pop-Up Adventure Play. We just wanted to take a few moments to reflect on the year and to look back on where we were last year to fully appreciate what we have achieved in the last 12 months.

This year as a team, we have travelled to 5 different countries on 3 different continents. We have expanded our contacts expansively: we have just hit 2000 likes on Facebook and have about 750 followers on Twitter!

It’s been an fruitful year for the Playworker Development Course too where we now have over 35 students that span 9 different countries across our Global Network. It has been a journey-and-a-half, and as students complete the course, we have learned so much from them, and have hopefully provided playwork tools to see child-directed play happen in their community.

I personally had a lot of fun with some Mini Pop-Ups at a local school while we celebrated the acquisition of a grant for writing a toolkit for Pop-Up Play Shops with the talented Mr Adrian Voce. These things happened as Morgan and Anna travelled the world to do loads of training. Anna has also been tap tap tapping away and has delivered a whole series of awesome “play = ” stories.

We can’t forget the planning that has gone into the Pop-Up Adventure Play US Tour 2014! We are very excited about it all, and are genuinely overwhelmed by the interest and support that we have had for it. We’re still in the process of generating more funds to buy a decent car for the road trip but there is still plenty of time to donate towards our adventure!

What an eventful year of play at Pop-Ups! Looking back, I am so proud of the things we have done, and the distance we have gone. We’ve gone from strength to strength, and have been supported by many many wonderful people along the way. Thank you for sticking with us for another playful year – see you in 2014! 🙂

pop up adventure play US tour
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By Zan