Over the last few years, you’ve seen us grow. You’ve probably read about the projects we’ve done and seen guest posts highlighting the work of independent pop-up adventure playground organizers around the world.

Pop Up Adventure Play logoPerhaps you’ve been moved to create your own pop-up adventure playground.  It’s been a busy, thrilling time. Clearly, the momentum for this new adventure play movement is growing daily. It became clear to us last spring, on our 11,000 mile tour around the USA.

During a dynamic and captivating two months, we conducted workshops and played in parks, parking lots, and schools. In 16 towns, ranging from Massachusetts to California, and Texas to Ohio, hosts showcased their sites. They generously fed us at their kitchen tables, narrating stories about the positive impacts on children’s lives resulting from their work.

Repeatedly, people have asked us when the book was coming out. People asked for something tangible and glossy to showcase the beauty of play. They sought a persuasive tool to counter skeptics in meetings. Nationwide, there was a unanimous desire to understand and engage with the thoughtful, dedicated efforts supporting play. Everyone wanted insight into this burgeoning movement. That’s precisely what we’re delivering.

Discover a joyful revolution: the new adventure play movement in the USA

The New Adventure Play Movement: USA came out at winter. It was packed with images, interviews and anecdotes, chosen to make any reader laugh through their tears. Inside, you’ll find interviews featuring Dr. Peter Gray (author of Free to Learn) and Joan Almon from the Alliance for Childhood. Diverse voices contribute, spanning adventure playground creation stages – from pop-up providers to established site managers. This includes educators, children’s museum staff, parents and others championing children’s free, risky, adventurous play nationwide. They generously share their valuable experiences with you. We’ve also curated abundant resources to aid your personal journey, assisting in building a play-centric community in your neighbourhood – perhaps even sparking your adventure playground initiative.

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By Morgan