By Zan

I can remember standing in the sun with my friend on a quiet beach in Vancouver, surrounded by purple sea shells and thinking to myself, “If I ever get the opportunity, I’d like to come back and spend more time in a country with purple shells.”

Pop-Ups Canada Tour 2017

It’s been eight years since we dare think about that day, but I think it’s finally happening. Much like when we set up the USA tour in 2014, and the World tour in 2015, our friends in Canada are calling to us too. They are asking for us to visit them, to talk to them about play, and to connect them with playwork. To the uninitiated, playwork (in short) is a UK path of study and support of children’s play.

I am happy today to be telling you about our next big adventure. Our Playwork Campference will be one of the highlights of 2017. But standing in the spotlight alongside it is our next road trip. Ladies and Gentlemen, we’d like to announce the The Pop-Ups Canada Tour 2017!

Yes, Team Pop-Ups will be driving across Canada in the Summer of 2017 running workshops and play events. If all goes well, we will be starting on the east coast in Halifax, and we will be travelling west and finish at the Calgary IPA Conference in mid-September.

We are also very excited to announce that our midway stop has been confirmed and we will be hanging out with Team Manitoba Nature Summit in Manitoba in August. We will be delivering a workshop and a pop-up adventure playground while we are there. Therefore, stay tuned for more information about this little collaboration, and more!

Your invitation

Are you based in Canada and would like us to come and run a workshop and play event? Get in touch with me using and let’s start talking about how you can be part of our 2017 Pop-Ups Canadian Tour!

Purple shell beach – I’m hoping to come and see you again!

Pop-Ups Canada Tour 2017
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