By Zan

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m very pleased to announce that Pop-Up Adventure Play (UK) is officially a charity. After a whole year of seemingly endless paperwork and craziness, Pop-Up Adventure Play’s resident Brit (me) and half Brit (Morgan) have formed Pop-Up Adventure Play (UK), Registered Charity Number 1148987. Personally speaking, it’s been a long year with lots of hurdles, but being able to have formed the charity in such a short time is something that has really made my year!

The plan going forward now is to look at funding to expand our training and consultation work, as well as build our Global Network. It’s all very exciting, and very new!

On behalf of Team Pop-Up Adventure Play, we truly thank you for your support throughout this process. Hopefully together, we can continue to support child-directed play, one cardboard box at a time!

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