By Zan

It’s 2021 and we rejoice in the start of a brand new year! The unpredictability of 2020 has taught us make some positive and achievable plans for 2021. And having thought long and hard, we’d like to share them with you:

  • As per our announcement, we are going to have a Playwork Campference this year with the lovely folks from Children at Play Network. It may not feel like the other Campferences, but there will be gathering, there will be conversation and it will be focused on playwork. We are playworkers so we are working hard to keep the promises that we make. Fun, freedom and flexibility is super important for this – watch this space for more information.
  • We will continue to work with folks from around the world, supporting them to create ever play-prioritising communities for children. It may not be possible to see everyone in person, but there are many other ways to connect and we promise to find a way that works for each community. Get in touch and let’s do this together!
  • Our third and final plan is for ourselves and probably a little reminder for all. In 2021 we hope to play more. If play is a constant in our lives, then uncertainties may not seem quite so unsettling – a therapeutic benefit for everyone. We’ll be hosting regular cohorts of our brand new Adult Play Course so together we make sure our cup is topped up with the delightfulness of play.

Our achievable plans 2021 strategy

Happy 2021 to you all – let’s see what challenges we will overcome this year while we play, much.

Happy New Year 2021 from Pop-Up Adventure Plau