It was time to say so long to another year – and what a year it had been! Thank you, everyone, for helping to make new adventures possible for children all around the world, whether you lead a pop-up adventure playground, helped fund our tour, or joined participants from around the world on the Playworker Development Course!
We’ve reflected on how playwork can infiltrate through the rest of your life, and shared stories from our own practice. We’ve taught new playworker students around the world, learning a lot in the process and put out a beautiful little publication on Pop-Up Play Shops! Heck, we even found time to go to the beach!
Independent organisers around the world have got in touch to access information and support. They’ve shared stories of their events here – pop-ups in New Haven, Seattle and Brooklyn.

This year began with a phenomenal adventure – our cross-country tour. It was an extraordinary time. Thank you, thank you and also thank you! We’re proud to say that the book from that experience was on its way and it could be ordered by emailing us.

Late December is always a good time to reflect and to sum up, to take time to feel grateful and to reach out and reconnect with friends. It’s a great time to think up new bright dreams that we might hold for the year to come. We’re thrilled to say that 2015 began with another road trip adventure, this time in Australia!

Wishing all of you a peaceful, playful year to come.
Timmy, Pop-Up Adventure Play
By Morgan